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Our Team

The team of people that came together to build this series of workshops care about NC farmers, veterans and rural communities. We, like you, come from farms and branched out to begin helping others find the resources that will help us all succeed. We know that if there are no farmers, there is no food either, and we want to be your partner to help you achieve your goals and farm safely and successfully. We know that it takes a village to grow food just like it does to raise our children. Let us help you find what you need to feed us for the years to come. Together, we grow. 
We embarked on this journey together when we realized that socially disadvantaged farmer's needs weren't being met. Farmers from all walks of life can use a hand these days, and we're here to help! When we started thinking of how we can help, we realized quickly that other programs we have built in the past worked well when presenting the farmers we serve with the tools, examples of innovative ideas, and introduction of resources to them would be the greatest benefit to them. 
Robin, Lamar, and Cynthia represent the North Carolina Agromedicine Institute and will be providing agricultural safety and health screenings and education for farmers to learn about reducing hazard exposure on the farm. Many everyday farm chores have potential detrimental effects should exposure occur, but learning about those hazards and how to reduce them keeps us providing a livelihood for our families. We believe that all farmers should be fully aware of the risks and hazards around them because there's only one of you and who will take the reins should you get hurt. Eliminating risks on the farm should always be our first priority as a farmer.
Dr. Wilson, Dr. Kyle, and Robert represent The Veteran's Farm of NC, inc. devoted to assisting veterans in growing their farming operations. They bring many marketable ideas to the workshops for you to maximize your operations as well with connections to inside business knowledge within agriculture. They also bring many connections to a variety of resources that will be presented to you! Learn about Federal and State resources as well as many other available resources from a variety of programs. Come see what veterans throughout NC are calling, "a truly remarkable resource," from  VFNC's staff.

Robin Tutor-Marcom, EdD, MPH

Director, Agromedicine Insititute


Lamar Grafft

Associate Director

Agromedicine Insititute


Cynthia Smith, RN

Agromedicine Insititute


Dr. Elizabeth Wilson

The Veteran's Farm of NC, Inc.


Robert Elliott

Executive Director

The Veteran's Farm of NC, Inc.


Dr. Crystal Kyle

NCATSU and NC Agromedicine Inst. 

The Veteran's Farm of NC, Inc.

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